Tax Enquiries Increasing – Get Protected

Can you afford the costs of an HMRC tax enquiry?

HM Customs and Revenue have been targeted with delivering an extra £7 billion in taxes each year by 2014/15. As a result the number of tax enquiries has already increased and the upward trend is likely to continue.

Tax Enquiry Protection ServiceThis means businesses like yours are will find themselves at the receiving end of reviews of business records, tax returns, and PAYE/NIC/CIS/VAT compliance.

There do not need to be any grounds for suspicion for this to happen.

Not only will this take up your time but you will also incur professional costs if you need help defending against HMRC.

That’s why Lewis Smith & Co. is offering you its Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service, Taxwise Plus. For an annual fee starting at only £156 exc. VAT you’ll get our full support in dealing with enquiries without paying a penny more.

  • You’ll get our representation on all compliance visits.
  • We’ll defend you against HMRC enquiries into your business or personal affairs.
  • You are covered for up to £75,000 of our fees in representing you.
  • Complimentary access to Employment Lay and Health & Safety advice lines is provided.
Taxwise Plus protection could save you thousand pounds on the costs of responding to enquiries and preparing for compliance visits.

If you want more information then check out the Fee Protection page on our website or contact Andrew or Craig to arrange a free informal discussion of your needs.  Call 01384 235549 or email, today.


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