Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service

Taxwise Plus, an enhanced tax enquiry fee protection services is now available.

Lewis Smith & Co. is delighted to announce that has been able to enhance its tax enquiry fee protection service with the launch of Taxwise Plus.

HM Revenue and Customs are putting an increasing amount of effort into company enquiries in order to maximise tax and VAT revenue. This means that there is a greater likelihood than ever that you or your business will be subject to an enquiry. Enquiries can be targeted if HMRC has grounds for suspicion or they can be entirely at random.

Our standard tax enquiry fee protection service has been popular amongst clients since we made it available 3 years ago. Now we have worked with our underwriters to create the Taxwise Plus package, which offers an improved set of benefits at no extra cost. In particular it provides cover for a much wider set of HMRC activities (such as requests for information and client meetings).

Taxwise Plus protection starts at only £125 per annum plus VAT for individuals. So for more information about the benefits that Taxwise Plus provides and a full cost schedule simply call Lewis Smith & Co on 01384 235549 or email, today.

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