Strictly not Louis Smith

Do these men look like gymnasts?

Lewis Smith & Co. Directors (l to r) Andrew 
Smith & Craig Beale. Andrew is seen
gripping his heart monitor in anticipation
of the gruelling West Midlands cash flow
forecasting heats this summer.

“Louis Smith” or “Lewis Smith & Co.”?

Our website hasn’t actually crashed but we have seen a spike in traffic as people search for “Lewis Smith”.

The question we have been asking ourselves is whether this is a sign of an even bigger rush of businesses looking for their company accounts to be completed in January or is it because the people of Great Britain are having trouble spelling the name of the recent “Strictly Come Dancing” winner?

We can assure you that nobody in our office is likely to be challenging Louis in either the gymnastics or dancing stakes in the near future.  However there are events in which we would be prepared to take him on, as Lewis Smith & Co. Director Craig Beale explains:

“This company has been operating for 25 years and Louis is only 23 – so we were here first. It’s not our fault that his name sounds like ours.  I have a bit of a twinge in my right leg so the pommel horse is out but both Andrew and I think we have have a good chance of beating him in a few rounds of double entry bookkeeping.”

For gymnastics or dancing expertise you’d be better off going to Louis.  For accountancy, taxation and business advice then contact Lewis Smith & Co. today by calling 01384 235549 or emailing

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