Specialist Reporting Services

Information to Manage Your Business

Aside from our regular bookkeeping and accounting services, we can offer assistance at different levels of management accounting that are tailored for a specific need. This can range from providing reporting required by banks / lenders through to the preparation of due diligence reports.

We have the expertise and computerised systems to provide an all-round service. Our aim is to produce fast and accurate information to assist in the management of your business.

Specialist Reporting

Below are some examples of the type of specialist reporting work Lewis Smith & Co. can offer:

  • Business Planning
    Specialist reporting is required in a number of different situations; new business start-up situation, expansion of an existing business, or refinancing to cover a period of uncertainty. In these circumstances you may need detailed cash flow forecasts, profit forecasts or the development of budgets. Lewis Smith & Co. can assist with the preparation of these using a combination of flexible spreadsheet modelling techniques and lots of experience and expertise!
  • Feasibility studies
    Feasibility analysis is one part of business planning which seeks to provide the information on which business decisions can be made. These decisions may relate to investment in a new venture or the refinancing of an existing one.
    We have substantial expertise in the compilation of feasibility reports, both for management use and to accompany applications for the renewal or extension of banking facilities.
  • Acquisitions and disposals
    The provision of sound business advice is of particular significance when the sale or purchase of a business is involved. We are able to help assess the viability of any business with the benefit of our experience and knowledge to recommend the most commercial and tax efficient methods to deal with acquisitions or disposals.
  • Grants and finance
    We are able to advise on the availability of grants for funding business projects and methods of financing commercial activities, taking into account the appropriate tax implications.
  • Investigations
    We have exceptional auditing and general accounting experience and are thus able to carry our effective investigations where required into business projects where feasibility studies are required.
  • Forensic accounting/divorce and separation
    Whether you have a corporate or personal dispute we can provide advice and reports which will be required by the legal profession if the dispute involves civil proceedings.

Whatever your specialist reporting needs are, we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

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