Due Diligence

Making a Business Acquisition

The due diligence process is a vital step in making sure that your acquisition, merger or MBO (Management Buy Out) is successful or that a lending decision or provision of supplier credit is safe.

At Lewis Smith & Co. we have the experience and resources to perform the objective investigations necessary to minimise the risks involved.

More Than Just The Numbers

Understanding the financial position of the target company and assessing its future performance are, of course, at the core of our services. However due diligence investigations must go beyond just “checking the books” because business success depends on so many factors.

Lewis Smith & Co. can provide reporting on a range of key factors including;

  • Reliance on key staff
  • Asset ownership
  • IP (Intellectual property) and copyright
  • Debtor levels
  • Sales forecasts
  • Supplier profiling
  • Working capital

Whatever transaction you are undertaking Lewis Smith & Co. are here to provide expert help.

Because of the commercial sensitivity of due diligence work you can rely on us for a completely confidential discussion of your requirements.

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