Save VAT – Get Your Books in Early

January 31st 2011 is looming. It’s a date that causes consternation amongst business owners and accountants alike. This year though there is a government backed incentive to get your tax return done early!

We have talked in the past (see “6 good reasons for early tax return filing“) why it is a good reasons to get your books in to your accountant as soon as possible before the deadline, mainly so your and your company’s tax position can be most effectively managed. Your accountant (and that means us) will also love you for it because we have to batten down the hatches trying to make sure everybody gets dealt with before the deadline.

This year there is a better reason than ever to provide us with your books earlier than normal. If we can do the work before January 4th then you will automatically save 2.5% by avoiding the upcoming rise in VAT!

So gather your papers, forms and receipts together and hot-foot it down to Lewis Smith & Co., at our offices in Grange Road, Dudley and make your saving today.

If you have any questions or queries about your tax return then email us at or call 01384 235549

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