Rock ‘n’ Roll Accountancy Part 2

MaDads You may remember the stunning revelation in May that Lewis Smith & Co. director . Andrew Smith was a member of Stourbridge band “MaDads”

The news was leaked in advance of a major gig by the band at Stourbridge, UK’s “Party in the Park” festival.

We are pleased to announce that footage and photos from that appearance are now available so you can see Andrew at his virtuoso best.

Many people have asked Andrew if this is a permanent career change.

Andrew Smith was a member of Stourbridge band “Should the call come for MaDads to headline one of the big festivals; Download, Reading, Isle of Wight or Cradley, then obviously I would be off like a shot.” Says Andrew.

“But Rock ‘n’ Roll is a funny old game and you just never know when lady luck is going to strike. Until the time comes I will be concentrating on the topsy turvy world of year end accounts and VAT returns.”

The video below shows the band playing their crowd pleasing favourite “Tarka Daal” (Andrew is the one on the far right of the screen). For those of you with great fortitude and a limited taste in music, a further selection of Madads’ videos featuring Andrew are available on YouTube.


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