Plumbers – The Government Strikes Back!

There really was a Plumbers Tax Amnesty


You may remember our article earlier this year on HMRCs “Plumbers Tax Amnesty”.  At the time we had a number of comments suggesting that this was some sort of “TV Detector Van” story designed to scare people in the trade to set their tax affairs straight.  

We can report, however, that it wasn’t just a story.

The HMRC have announced that in August five plumbers have been arrested and 600 are under civil investigation for failing to pay the right amount of tax. 

For anyone who hasn’t yet come clean to the tax authorities then you should know that HMRC has left the PTSP (Plumbers Tax Safe Plan) disclosure route open.  You can call their hotline direct on 0845 600 4507 or if you need further advice on how to approach the HMRC give Lewis Smith & Co. a call on 01384 235549 and arrange a free, confidential discussion.

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