Moving Accountants

We’d Be Delighted To Have You As A New Client

Over the years many clients have moved to Lewis Smith & Co. from other firms of accountants.

There are a variety of reasons for their migration ranging from pure dissatisfaction with previous service and wanting better advice and value for money to relocation of business or simply outgrowing their previous accountant.

The process of switching accountant usually is very straightforward and painless, however many business owners are still reluctant to change.

Their reservations may be based on the following myths:

I’ve just had my accounts done so won’t I have to wait until the next year end?

Not at all. You are free to leave your current firm whenever you choose to.  We would argue that the sooner we look at your affairs the more time we’ve got to give good advice and implement measures to save you time and  money before the next year end arrives.  Accounting isn’t just about reporting what’s happened in the past year – it’s also about making sure you’re best prepared for the years ahead.

Won’t it be a hassle and take up a lot of my time?

Certainly not. In fact, all it should take from you is one letter which we can help you with.  Otherwise we will arrange for a smooth effortless handover without any need to bother you unless absolutely necessary.  There is not even a requirment for you to have any further communication with your old accountant.  We would normally request any information from the old accountant that he holds on file  relevant to your business and relevant to us picking up your accounts / tax work.  There is normally a legal obligation on him to hand over this without any fuss.

Doesn’t switching accountant trigger a tax investigation from HMRC?

Absolutely not. The Revenue do have certain criteria they use when it comes to deciding who to investigate, targeting a business because they’ve changed accountants isn’t one of them.

My old accountant might charge a fee for moving 

Most firms are fair about this and see it as a task that should be performed free. They should also follow professional ethics and respect any clients wishes and not have a “tight – fisted” approach over a client choosing to leave.  The terms of engagement should ususally inform a client of any fees specific to leaving.  For nearly all, the handover of a client from an outgoing accountant to an incoming one is done free of charge.

I don’t want to upset my accountant as I have been with them for many years!

This is something no business owner should concern themselves about – your old accountant is a grown up – he’ll get over it!  Besides, is that the only reason you keep your custom with them?  – simply because you have known them for a long time.

Is there any point changing – aren’t all accountants the same?

Probably the biggest myth of them all.  No two firms of accountants are the same. As with all industries there is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly!  When thinking of a move, you need to ask yourself questions such as, am I looking for a traditional firm or a modern, forward-thinking practice?  Is my business best suited to a small or large firm?  Can a general practitioner handle my needs or do I need a specialist?

Are You Getting What You Require At The Moment?

What is more important is that as a business owner or manager you take a considered business opinion. You may want to ask yourself the following questions about your current accountant:

  • Am I happy with the level of tax I am paying, do I know if I am paying too much unnecessarily?
  • Do I feel my accountant always listens to me and fully understands my business?
  • Can I always get hold of my accountant when I need him?
  • Do I fully understand the advice that I am being given?
  • Am I getting services from a qualified firm, if not, is that important to me?
  • Are all my business affairs done in a timely manner, or is everything last minute (or worse, late!)?
  • Does my accountant give me advice that drives my business forward, or does he just make sure things are done on time each year?

If the answers are all “yes”, then you probably have an excellent accountant looking after you and should stay put.


Let Us Listen To Your Requirements

If there are one or more “no”s in there, simply contact Lewis Smith & Co. for a free meeting – all you have to lose is an hour of your time and you could gain so much! 

We will meet at your convenience, either at our offices or a location of your choice. The idea of the meeting will be for us to listen and understand what your needs are. There is no hard sell whatsoever. We will then usually suggest how we can help you and follow up by giving you a written fixed quote of our costs.

If you then decide to change accountants and join Lewis Smith as a client, leave it to us – the rest is easy!


Call us today on 01384 235549 or email and we’ll make the arrangements straight away.