Has HMRC asked you to repay tax?

Two million people are thought to have underpaid income tax in 2013-14

HMRC income tax repaymentDespite the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) there were more PAYE errors than ever in the last tax year.

5.5 million people are estimated to have either over or underpaid income tax for 2013-14.  If you have overpaid tax then HMRC will provide an automatic refund.  If you have paid too little then you will be asked to pay back what you owe.

There are a number of ways to repay the tax either by an adjustment to your tax code or by a direct payment (or schedule of payments). What’s important in the first instance is that you understand the implications on your budget before you decide on the repayment method.  Remember that if you respond in a timely fashion to HMRC you will have more flexibility in how and when you pay.

There are very limited circumstances in which it is possible to gain further concessions on underpayments. If you were not notified within 12 months of the end of relevant tax year and all of your tax information was up to date then you may be able to apply for the Extra Statutory Concession A19 (ESC A19) .

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