HMRC Advice on Phishing

HMRC Guidance on Recognising Bogus Emails.

Advice from HMRC on stopping email phishing scamsMost of you will have received “phishing” emails that try to trick you into providing personal or financial information. They range from the faintly ludicrous Nigerian bank account stories to fully branded, personalised messages that are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Emails that appear to come from HMRC are quite common and, just like other scam emails, they are designed to capture personal and financial information that helps crooks get access to your money or even your identity.

HMRC has just released some advice to help you spot the scams.  It comes in 2 parts: the first part listing genuine types of digital correspondence and the second part identifying signs that an email might be fake.

So watch out for incorrect email addresses in the From field of the email (it should be, requests for personal information and any attached files, amongst other things.

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