Concerned about tax inspections?

You don’t have to do anything wrong to be inspected

tax inspection protectionHMRC has the right to investigate your financial affairs whenever it likes.

Enquiries can be started entirely at random whether you have done something to arouse their suspicion or not.

This means that businesses of all sizes and categories have been subject to investigations of business records, tax returns, and PAYE/NIC/CIS/VAT compliance.

Even if your records are completely compliant and you have clearly done nothing wrong this can be a time consuming and potentially costly experience.

Lewis Smith & Co. has offered a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service, Taxwise Plus, to help you mitigate the costs of an investigation should you be selected by HMRC.

For an annual fee starting at only £125 exc. VAT you’ll get all of Lewis Smith & Co.’s considerable experience in dealing with the tax man without paying a penny more.

  • Lewis Smith & Co. will represent you for all compliance visits.
  • We will defend you against HMRC enquiries into your business or personal affairs.
  • You are covered for up to £75,000 of our fees in representing you.
The service has saved a number of our clients several thousand pounds on the costs of responding to enquiries and compliance visits. It has also more than paid for itself for other clients when they have needed to respond to initial enquiry letters and provide explanations of accounts and tax returns.
If you want more information then check out the Fee Protection page on our website or contact Andrew or Craig to arrange a free informal discussion of your needs.  Call 01384 235549 or email, today.


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