Beware Scam HMRC Emails

They may look official but don’t open emails from HMRC concerning tax rebates.


Lewis Smith & Co. has been contacted by a number of concerned clients who have received emails asking for bank or credit card details in order to be able to provide a tax refund.   The emails look like genuine HMRC correspondence.

Our advice is do not open them and do not click on any attachments. Under no circumstances enter personal or financial information into any e

HMRC is clear that it will communicate with people due a tax refund by post.  

Email is used in a very limited set of circumstances, such as a PAYE reminders, and you will be invited to go to the HMRC website directly in order to access online services.mail forms or pages that are linked to from such emails

The HMRC security guidelines provides details on how to spot these rogue emails.  Alarm bells should ring if there is:

  • No addressee in the To: field
  • No Unique Tax Reference
  • An incorrect “From” address.  HMRC’s email addresses always use

If you have any suspicions then forward the email to and then delete it

Feel free to get in touch with Lewis Smith & Co. if you need advice or reassurance.  Call 01384 235549 or email


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