Annual Confirmation Statement

Remember to add “Person with Significant Control” information

need help completing your annual confirmation statementThe Annual Confirmation Statement was introduced on June 30th 2016 to replace the annual return to Companies House (AR01).  All private limited companies and limited liability partnerships must a confirmation statement at least once a year, even if the business is dormant.

Most of the information required is the same as on the previous annual return (i.e company name and registration number, details of company directors etc.).  Indeed the submission process has been simplified because if no changes have been made then companies only need to check and confirm details.

Person with Significant Control
For companies registered before June 30th the first submission of the Annual Confirmation Statement will require at least some update.  Information on any Person with Significant Control (PSC) must be submitted on the statement.  This information should already be held on your PSC register (a requirement since April 6th 2016), which was introduced in order to provide greater transparency over UK company ownership.

Companies House highlights the following categories of PSCs:

“For most companies these will be people who:

  • hold more than 25% of a company’s shares
  • hold more than 25% of a company’s voting rights
  • have the right to appoint or remove the majority of directors

There are two further, less common, options. These are:

  • any individuals who have the right to exercise or actually exercise significant influence or control are PSCs
  • where a trust or a firm meets one of the three statements above, any individuals with significant control or influence over that trust or firm are PSCs”

Dates and Costs
Your confirmation statement must be filed at least once a year within 14 days of your “confirmation date”.  The “confirmation date” is either the anniversary of company formation or the ‘made up’ date of your last annual return. You can submit your Annual Statement online for a fee of £13, which entitles you to multiple filings during the year. Paper submission costs £40.

Lewis Smith & Co. customers can be assured that we will handle all of the paperwork and ensure that the Companies House deadline is met.  If you want to handle the paperwork on your own then we strongly suggest that you sign up for an email reminder.  Companies House won’t penalise you for a late submission but they do send out scary letters reminding you it is criminal offence not to file.  If you simply don’t submit a confirmation statement then it is within the power of Companies House to strike your company off their register and enforce various penalties.


If you need any help with your confirmation statement or sorting out whether you have a “Person with Significant Control” to add then simply get in touch with Lewis Smith & Co. today.  Call 01384 235549 or email to arrange an appointment.


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