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Martin Brent Photography. Keeping an Eye on Expenses.

Lewis Smith & Co. provide accountancy services for award winning photographer Martin Brent

l to r: Martin Brent, Andrew Smith and Craig Beale

The photographer Martin Brent may not be a household name (yet) but we guarantee that you are familiar with his talents.


Look at the photo at the top of this page and then the other pictures of Black Country landscapes around the website. These are all Martin’s work.

You have also seen his award winning photos advertising high-end brands like Adidas, Bentley and L’Oreal. Oh and Aston Villa.

Our association with Martin goes back more than 40 years – before Lewis Smith & Co. was even formed. Martin was actually at school in Stourbridge with Andrew Smith, one of our directors.

The professional relationship began 17 years ago as the demand for Martin’s talents boomed. He found himself in demand on assignments around the world. At that point he needed an organisation he could trust to deal with the complexities of the global advertising photography industry.

Picture of gold medallist Nicola Adams by photographer Martin Brent

Nicola Adams. Olympic Gold Medallist. Fly Weight 51kg


Martin says that Lewis Smith & Co. have been flexible enough to cope with the strangest tasks:

“Creating a photoshoot is the same as creating a film set where it has to look authentic down to the last detail. That means I can be in some remote part of the world buying everything from cutlery to bondage gear to get the right look.

I rely on the guys at Lewis Smith & Co. to make sense of it all and make sure I don’t do anything to upset the taxman!”

The need for flexibility is likely to be a key factor in our on-going work with Martin. He is responding to changes in the advertising industry, wrought by digital media technology, by increasing his repertoire.

Martin Brent photographic work for Chicago Town Pizza in Los Angeles


“The digital world is very much a visual world. Great photographs are still vital but graphics and video are increasingly important. I already work across different technologies to achieve the results my clients are after. The next step is to establish a production company to formalise that side of my work – exciting times are ahead.”

From a Lewis Smith & Co. perspective we welcome Martin’s continuing success; for one thing sorting out his expenses always provides us with some amusement. Fortunately, he has hasn’t yet thrown anything at us that we can’t deal with.

Andrew Smith says the company has worked hard to build a team that can tackle the diverse needs of its clients.

“Our small and medium sized business customers like the reassurance of the personal touch and our ability to sort out any issues that they encounter.

It’s a reputation that is driving the continued growth in our business. Growth that largely comes from referrals.”

london welsh training day. Photograph by Martin Brent

London Welsh training day

To see lots more examples of Martin’s photographic skills visit his website or follow him on Instagram. A selection of his art photos are available to purchase online at Eyestorm.

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